Safwan Sobhan is a highly successful and accomplished Vice Chairman at the largest conglomerate in Bangladesh, Bashundhara Group. With over 15 years of experience in the corporate world, Safwan has a proven track record of driving growth and profitability for his organizations.

His expertise in strategic planning, operations management, and business development has earned his recognition as one of the top industrialists in the country. He has a reputation for being an innovative problem-solver and for implementing effective strategies that deliver results.

Safwan Sobhan was born in Bangladesh but raised and educated in the UK. A Business Studies (Management) graduate from American InterContinental University after schooling at the Shiplake College Oxfordshire, in the United Kingdom. He is the youngest of four sons of Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, one of the prominent and torch-bearing shower business leaders of Bangladesh and the chairman of Bashundhara Group.

At the conglomerate, Safwan has played a key role in expanding the company’s reach and diversifying its product offerings. Under his leadership, the company has seen significant growth in both revenue and market share. His exceptional management skills have earned him the respect and trust of his team members, who admire his dedication and commitment to excellence.

Safwan is also a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion and is dedicated to creating a workplace culture that is welcoming and supportive to all employees. He is a role model for the young generation in business and a mentor to many aspiring executives.

With his wealth of experience, strategic vision, and exceptional process-driven leadership abilities, Safwan Sobhan is a highly respected and successful Vice President who continues to make a lasting impact in the corporate world.

He is a change-maker in the business sector and a well-mannered, always-smiling, socially-connected and down-to-earth person. His spouse Yeasha Sobhan is also a director of the Bashundhara group. Safwan Sobhan is also the worthy father of 4 children – daughter Rania, sons Shehzaad, Shahraan & Shahzaar.

Safwan Sobhan Tasvir is associated with a number of sports, socio-cultural and charitable organizations at home and abroad, as serving humanity is his passion. He likes sports- Golf, Squash, Cricket and Football.