Bashundhara Group adopts KeyTone for workplace transformation

Bashundhara Group has adopted the latest share point solution to modernise workplaces and foster seamless collaboration among human resources.

Bashundhara Group Vice-Chairman Safwan Sobhan inaugurated the KeyTone platform as a testament to the organisation’s commitment to digital transformation and innovation, read a press release on Monday.

KeyTone is a suite of features including a centralised enterprise information portal featuring a seamless launch pad with a single sign-on, customisable profile, power automates workflow for streamlined approvals and project updates.

Bashundhara Group Vice-Chairman Safwan Sobhan aims to enhance collaboration, streamline operations, and boost employee engagement, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

The Group’s Sector-C chief information officer Sifat Jahan Nur presented the KeyTone project to management during the official unveiling event.

Nur has highlighted the transformative impact of KeyTone on workplace dynamics, emphasising its innovative features for enhanced collaboration and efficiency.

KeyTone Project Manager Kaniz Fathama said the new SharePoint intranet portal starts as a big change towards a better and connected digital workspace. “KeyTone will help everyone work together better and set new standards in organisational productivity and innovation.”

Bashundhara Multi-Trading Limited chief operating officer Mirja Mujahidul Islam, chief financial officer Mohammad Kamrul Hassan, head of marketing and business development division Mohammad Towfique Hasan, and admin division head Imran Bin Ferdous were also present on the occasion.