Bashundhara Paper sector unveils its first sustainability report

Bashundhara Paper sector — Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited and Bashundhara Multi Paper Industries Limited — unveiled first sustainability report, marking a significant step forward in their commitment to transparency and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibility.

Bashundhara Group Vice Chairman Safwan Sobhan was the chief guest at the report launching ceremony at Bashundhara Industrial Headquarters-2 on Monday, said a press release.

Bashundhara Paper Chief Executive Officer Mustafizur Rahman was also present on the occasion.

The report represents a testament to the companies’ dedication to sustainable and responsible business practices.

Bashundhara Group sector-C marketing, business development and sustainability head Mohammad Towfique Hasan, and company secretary Mazedul Islam highlighted the group’s pioneering role in promoting transparency and sustainability in the region.

In preparing this comprehensive report, Bashundhara Group employed the principle of the ‘double materiality’ concept to determine its ESG reporting topics.

This approach considers the risks and opportunities from both the nonfinancial (ESG) and financial perspectives.

This dual perspective ensures a thorough and balanced representation of the company’s sustainability journey.

The Sustainability Report 2022, covering the fiscal year 2021-22, is a groundbreaking document in the Bangladeshi paper sector. It aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and adheres to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standard Guidelines.

It is setting a new benchmark for corporate responsibility in the industry. This comprehensive report not only details the ESG status of Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited and Bashundhara Multi Paper Industries Limited but also underscores their unwavering commitment to sustainable development.

A key focus of the report is sustainable practices within the paper mills, highlighting responsible sourcing in both production and marketing. The report introduces impactful sustainability initiatives that have significant social and environmental implications.

It outlines the sustainability pillars of the company, setting clear goals and targets up to 2030, thereby demonstrating a long-term commitment to sustainability.

Beyond presenting extensive data, the report includes case summaries that showcase the practical applications of the company’s sustainability initiatives and campaigns.

These real-life examples provide a tangible view of the Bashundhara Paper sector’s dedication to sustainable practices. The baseline year of 2018/19 in the pre-corona pandemic is used as a reference point, illustrating the substantial progress made in recent years.